Astral's Executive Team

Talmon Firestone

Co-Founder & CEO

20+ Years of experience in both the fusion and defense industries. 

As co-founder & CEO of Astral Systems, Talmon draws upon decades of experience in commercialization of fusion technologies and driving projects, large and small, within the defense industry with a focus on B2B and B2G engagement.

Notably, he was a partner at NSD-Fusion GmbH which earned the distinction of being first company to commercialize a fusion reactor technology in the mid 2000s.

Dr Tom Wallace-Smith

Co-Founder & CTO

Inventor of Astral’s core innovation and patent lead author.

As the leading co-inventor of Astral's MSF fusion technology, his role is critical in steering the technical aspects of the company. Dr. Wallace-Smith acquired hands-on experience in core design and manufacture at Rolls-Royce Submarines, which included extensive Monte-Carlo neutron transport modelling as well as onboard assignments on HMS Victorious and HMS Triumph for reactor dynamics monitoring. During his PhD, additional expertise in research reactors was developed whilst working in Osaka, Japan.

Dr Mahmoud Bakr

Chief Scientist

10+ Years of IEC Fusion experience developing ultra-compact systems

Our Chief Scientist has a PhD in Energy Science from Kyoto University and has been involved in R&D for particle generation applications, fusion technology, and advanced nuclear systems design for two decades. In the area of nuclear security, he developed a 1st of a kind portable interrogation system for special nuclear materials. While in the medical sector, he developed a novel analysis method for Boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) pharmacokinetic evaluation.

Astral's Board of Advisors

Prof. Tom Scott

Tom Scott is a Professor of Materials Sciences and Director of the Interface Analysis Centre at the University of Bristol, and Executive Co-Director of the Bristol-Oxford Nuclear Research Centre. 

He is an accomplished leader both in academia and industry and was recently awarded the distinguished Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair in fusion energy. 

Craig Lester

Craig Lester is Strategic Development Director at DBD International, covering the Nuclear Energy (fission and fusion) and Medical Radioisotopes business areas. Prior to joining DBD, for 5 years he was the policy lead for the UK Government on Advanced Nuclear Technologies, and has wide experience of the SMR and AMR sectors both in the UK and internationally. Craig has previously sat on a number of Boards, including the UK National Nuclear Laboratory.