Astral came out of stealth mode a in Spring of 2023 and is now generating ripples that are gowning as fast as our neutron count. With months of meetings and interviews behind and in front of us we will try to update you as the articles and photos come in. 

September 2023: Astral's CTO, Dr. Tom Wallace-Smith, authored an article in the Nuclear Industry Association magazine, Industry Link speaking about the many societal benefits that have grown out of the fission industry and that can grow out of the fusion industry long before energy breakeven is achieved. Article on page 7.

June 2023: Earlier in April, Astral hosted the popular YouTube science content creator, Matt Farrell. We invited Matt to create the first major coverage of our company after coming out of stealth mode. His work has always been excellent and we are proud to have cover our company and technology.

Photo by

Photos by Dr. Mahmoud Bakr

Tritium User Group

June 2023: Over the course of 2 days in Bristol with the Tritium User Group, Astral CTO Dr. Tom Wallace-Smith presented and discussed Astral's vision for the future of tritium. He also discussed the methods to maintain the inventory and new techniques to generate tritium for prospective fusion projects. 

Photo by Dr. Mahmoud Bakr